Paire d’appliques vintage en verre de J. T. Kalmar pour la maison Kalmar Franken, Autriche 1950


Kalmar Werkstätten celebrates the historic lighting manufacturer J.T. Kalmar. Since the project’s launch in 2009, Kalmar Werkstätten has released products celebrating Kalmar’s heritage, curated for today’s residential and commercial interiors. These lamps highlight the Secession and Wiener Werkstätten, movements in which the company was intimately involved, thanks to working relationships second-generation owner Julius Theodor Kalmar had established with the great talents including Josef Hoffmann and Adolf Loos. They rediscover Austrian modernism’s directness of form, honest expression of industry, craftsmanship, and dedication to time-honored materials; becoming contemporary heirlooms in their own right.